Umbra - Shadow Dance

Dancers manipulate light with their bodies, casting shadows on a screen to create silhouetted images that tell an engaging story. Trademarked 'Umbra,' Wildfire Entertainment was one of the first corporate entertainment companies in the world to offer this unique dance form.
Shadow Dance is the perfect event performance for telling the story of a company or brand, highlighting achievements, or simply entertaining event guests.

Around the World


Our very first Shadow Dance Performance continues to be a corporate event favorite. Around the World tells the story of a young man longing to travel and explore the world. Despite falling in love this longing must be fulfilled. But, after some time along an incredible journey around the planet, he realizes that the greatest treasure the world has to offer is the love he left behind. Alack his love has moved on.... will he find true love again?


This routine can be customized with a unique "home base" location for the final scene.


Journey to the Top


This Shadow Dance Performance was first created for Singtel and serves as a metaphor for the hard work and perseverance to overcome all obstacles that enables anyone to reach great heights.

Stifled at by the never-ending dullness of his soulless desk job, a young adventurer sets off on a whirlwind journey where he encounters a series of obstacles that try to keep him from his goal. Animals, weather, and even a street fighter try to impede him on his quest. But the man prevails, and ultimately stakes his flag on the mountaintop.


This routine can be customized to include your own logo at the end.


Fully Customized Routine


To truly wow the audience at your event, opt for a never-before-seen Shadow Dance routine! With brand-new shapes, storyline, and background motion graphics, this premium option is for the special event that deserves a high-impact routine to leave a lasting impression on audience members.


Duration - 3-6 minutes

Number of Performers - Dependant on storyline


See an example to the left of a customized performance we created for Singapore's official 50th anniversary ceremony in Chinatown.

Partially Customized Routine


Let our Creative Team take your theme and adapt an existing routine to suit your budget! If our existing Shadow Dances aren't quite what you're looking for, let us adapt them for you slightly. By reusing the basic shapes explored in other routines, we can create a brand-new storyline at an affordable price!


Duration - 3-5 minutes

Number of Performers - 6-10


Pre-Recorded Performance


If you check our Technical Rider and realize that your event doesn't have the space to support a live Umbra performance, we are able to produce a film version of a customized Shadow Dance to play at your event. We can even have the performers attend and come out from behind the curtain at the end of the video--many in your audience may not even realize that the performance isn't live!

Contact our Account Manager to learn more about a pre-recorded Umbra performance and check out a previously recorded performance, below.

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